Reviews of WOMAN'S HEAD AS JUG (Arc 2013)

"A rush of joy at its title spurred me to immerse myself in Jackie Wills' warm and witty new collection. Woman's Head as Jug explores the development of Woman through the generations and through history…..As you read you feel connected to the poem, the past, and the earth." Isobel Taylor-Herbert, Mslexia, Mar/Apr/May 2014 


"Wills shows that a poem remains a deeply human magic....the delicacy and strength of her writing shine out in her collection's final lines, as 'Funeral Horses', fed titbits by their groom, "lick salt from her palm."

"We do not, of course, need poetry. As Hulse's refugees and Wills' working women remind us, to stay alive we need food and shelter. But, as Hulse and Wills' moving collections also reveal, poetry, our forgotten footnote, can bring all that has come before into a precious clarity." Alison Brackenbury Under the Radar Issue 12 December 2013


"Wills signals a history of appendages that have sought to harm women and keep them quiet. Her challenging tone, however, dares women to have a choice. When it comes to romantic relationships, Wills's voice is steady, resolved and satirical…..

"While Wills's body poems evoke claustrophobic intimacy, her other poetry takes vast imaginative leaps in both content and form." Melanie Petch, The Warwick Review, March 2014


"There is something of (George) Trakl in the way Wills drops isolated images into a poem, allowing them to chime together…..personal and geographic histories are both seen as carrying weight. At the same time, or concomitant to this idea, Wills is concerned with transience, and she is aware of how time causes disintegration." Anthony Howell, The Fortnightly Review, November 2013


"Ultimately, the collection reveals the poet’s voice: feminist, female, progenitor, and human heir to both generation and decay."Norbert Hirschhorn London Grip December 2013

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