Saturday, June 15, 2013


I have read from the manuscript a few times but until recently it's always felt like work in progress. This event at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, organised by Dr Sue Eckstein and Prof Bobbie Farsides made Woman's Head as Jug feel imminent.
Menopause is such a taboo that this event could have gone two ways - the seats might have been empty, the conversation limited to the four of us.
As it is, loyal friends turned up as well as the curious, drawn I'm sure by the chance of asking a senior consultant questions. 
What I enjoyed about the event was how well the poems integrated with the medicine and Julia's explanations about how a woman's body changes. 
I unearthed poems from outside the Sweats sequence, that showed me that many others in Woman's Head as Jug are about change and then I rediscovered an outrider that made it into Commandments, published all those years ago in 2007: Concerns of a mature woman. 
Funny how these poems exist - premonitions almost or soundings. Anyway, that was the poem I ended on, a good companion.